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The Turks look for Arab tourists in the north

When a person is interested in tourism, he sees the climate of the palladium and sees the nature of the people

, Therefore mutual respect must be provided between tourists and the people of the country

This is characteristic of the Turkish people in general and the people of the Northeast in particular towards the Arab tourists

The Arab tourist has a special advantage in the eyes of the Turkish people for the unity of the geographical area first and existence

Many factors have been common to both peoples since ancient times

He feels enthusiastic in performing his practical duties in serving the Arab guest

It is common practice in the north of Turkey that the Arab has a direct or indirect connection

The Prophet (pbuh) and the Islamic religion will gain respect and acceptance more than others for the unity of religion and morals

Apart from the modest dress by the Arab guests, which compels the Turks to respect them

For them guests and Lysu tourists, the Turkish do what he can to notice the Arab guest

However, in his home country with different climate

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