We are a group specialized in tourism and real estate in Turkey. Established in the name of (Trabzon Commission) in 2014. We offer our clients from individuals and institutions all the services of tourism, transport and housing through our specialized and experienced staff.

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How to Rent a Car in Turkey

A car without driver in Trabzon

Dear tourist that you want to visit most tourist areas

In the Turkish north of the mountains and highlands and lakes

Private Tours It is normal that you are renting your car

If you do not want a driver with your car, you can take your own order

You will receive your car when you get off the plane until the end of your tours

Tourist attractions

Rent a car in Trabzon

You must have a valid international / local driver’s license

You must have a valid credit card

In some companies the person must be 22 years of age and older

For reservations and inquiries you can contact our staff

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