We are a group specialized in tourism and real estate in Turkey. Established in the name of (Trabzon Commission) in 2014. We offer our clients from individuals and institutions all the services of tourism, transport and housing through our specialized and experienced staff.

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How to Book a Car in Trabzon

We offer some tips for tourists:

If you love tourism and travel in tours

Inside the cities, the countryside and the mountains and if you are the first time you visit

Tourist areas in Trabzon and want to spend your vacation time in

Tourists in northern Turkey. Tourists can rent a private car

With a driver or no driver to visit all the places in his mind

Without decreasing any of them

My brother the tourist
We, as a certified company, guarantee a car with its driver
Cover all tourist spots and ensure complete comfort and safety
Absolutely during your tour
The car will be waiting for you at the airport and bringing you to your place of residence
And then go on your numerous tours with inquiries and information.
Yours by the authorized driver
We rely on professional drivers from all over the world
Which is intended for the tourist and ensures you the driver absolute safety while driving.
And complete comfort until the end of your tour.
For reservations and inquiries contact our sales representatives
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