The Turkish people are a multi-ethnic and multicultural people who are known to be under one roof. But this does not mean that the Turkish West is almost completely different from its east. From the West, the Turkish people are more open and liberated than those in the East. Which is almost exclusively associated with the Syrian border, they are close to the customs of the northern Arabs and they are more conservative and more knowledgeable and fluent in the Arabic language if we go to the Iskandron Brigade and Hatay province and some southern borders they find them fluent in Arabic because they are originally North Syrians in the past, The Turkish state and the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk agreement The borders were drawn by France and Britain and settled. It is Turkish land and handed over to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. With days the Turkish language progresses and the Southern people begin to lose their mother tongue. The Arabic language is more closely scrutinized. They do not speak Turkish any different from Turkish and Arabic

In the west of Turkey, Istanbul, which is located in the northwest of the country, will be divided into a European section and an Asian section. The Asian section is relatively new for the European, but the European is more advanced, more diverse and diverse. It is the first destination for tourists. It has the largest airports in the Middle East and Istanbul is the border with Bulgaria.

Also in the west of the country is Izmir, which overlooks the Aegean Sea, between Turkey and Greece. The European Union in general and north-east, namely Trabzon, Riza and Samson, will find the people closer to Caucasian Caucasians with blue eyes, light blond hair and with moisture from the sea. But the Turks as a whole have the advantage of their eastern Mogul, and they find them tall, tall, bare-skinned, like the rest of the world.

In terms of languages ​​and dealing with the Turkish and his knowledge of more than one language do not find Turkish speakers more than their native language Turkish language may find sometimes known as English, a few you find them in one of the 10 or less also find them who speak Arabic may find more Arabic speakers than English speakers In the south in full and also in Istanbul for the existence of religious educational centers for the Arabic language despite the decrease in the proportion of the South compared to the past also by the great turnout by the Turkish people and with the days develop and learn more Arabic speakers there may also find some of them speak German to the absence of some German races in Turk And their mother tongue is also Russian, French and Spanish, but they are very few compared to Arabic and English. The Turkish people are a good morals people, contrary to what is said about you, you have dealt with him with good morals.

We can say that the Turkish people are interested in a foreigner who is very curious about his love for his friendship. He has high-class, civilized and advanced works. He finds the opposite, so we find people who are popular, speaking and behaving in the same way. The Turkish people are distinguished by good morals and good hospitality. Most of the Turkish people are a Muslim people. Islam and most of their women wear hijab, especially in the northern regions of Turkey. We conclude our talk about this great multi-cultural multicultural people located in the introductions of the peoples and superpowers of the world with a lot of movement and business, which is not restless and drinking tea

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