Kotit Ayder Bungalow | Heaven | Tourism & Real Estate  

If the breath is accompanied by the smell of pine, your palms that you stretch to the sky will be wet with the fist, If the fog that surrounds the walk will be friends, If the bird sounds in your conversation, It is the place to arrive. From the muhlama plateau you eat, the fish stream you hold, the water source you drink, and the garden next to the tea you have brewed; KOTIT is the place to escape! The mountain on which you rest your back, trust you, If the horon you play hand in hand will give peace, If the storm valley lying in front of you will erase your troubles, If the magic of the forests will remind you, Tulum will make you forget the sound, If you want to be in love, it is the place to go on an inner journey.
Environmentally friendly
Mountain landscape
Pet friendly
River view
Vegetarian friendly
Romance / honeymoon
Design Hotel
River bank
Restaurant (A la carte)
Indoor restaurant
Breakfast room
Free Wifi
Car Parking

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