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IVF (In vitro fertilization)- Test-tube baby


Many families have resorted to different medical methods and alternative medicine to solve the problem of infertility for many years. Often the solution to this problem may be IVF (In vitro fertilization).
This procedure does not prevent the couple from biological mother and fatherhood. During IVF, fertilization is performed in the laboratory environment with the eggs of the mother taken. It is possible to perform it in two different ways depending on the conditions: in vitro insemination and ICSI. In the first method, each sperm and egg is kept in a special nutrient environment where the sperm can penetrate the egg naturally. If sperm activity is low, fertilization of the egg can be done by injection using the second method. After a few days, embryo fertilization is performed under special conditions in the incubator. The embryo continues to develop under natural conditions after it is placed in the mother’s body.
There are several side effects for in vitro fertilization, but these are essentially the same as those in the natural pregnancy process. There are no contraindications for IVF in men.
Thanks to in vitro fertilization, two generations of people come to life.
People who are in despair can now experience the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. This method of fertilization is not unnatural, that is, it does not break moral and ethical rules. Experts of in vitro fertilization medical centers ensure that fertilization can be carried out thanks to the natural process.


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