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It starts with opening a cap on the anterior part of the cornea with an instrument called intralase using femtosecond laser technology. This lid, which is approximately 100 microns thick, is removed from the side and the exposed surface is 193 nanometer U.V. By applying excimer laser using light, new shape is given to the cornea and the cap is closed. Ilasik is a combination of today’s innovative laser technology Intralase and Wavefront, which offers personalized treatment.
Ilasik is a completely personalized treatment, based on personal vision quality. The completely computer controlled system that does not allow any mechanical intervention, makes the corneal incision required for Lasik with laser with a very reliable precision without a blade. During the 10-minute surgery, the patient does not feel any pain. The patient can feel only 5-6 hours of sensitivity, but his eye is not closed and he continues his daily life.


LASIK surgery is based on the principle of applying laser to the bed part by making an incision in the cornea layer and removing this thin layer (flap). In classical Lasik surgery, the device called microkeratome creates a thin layer called flap in the cornea layer with the help of a metal knife. With the developing technology, this incision can be done by femtosanie lasers (INTRALASE).
Laser incision quality is higher, complication rate is less. It is the same as classical lasik surgery after the laser incision stage of the treatment. Since thin flaps can be created more safely with intralase, it is possible to perform lasik treatment with Intralase in some patients, since it is not possible to perform classical lasik because its cornea is thin.


The most important candidate group for Lasek treatment is patients who cannot apply lasik because of the thin layer (cornea). Lasek can be applied in these patients regardless of the transparent layer thickness. In addition, if desired, lasek treatment can be applied to any patient who can be applied lasik. In Lasek technique, only the epithelial layer, which is the top cover of the cornea layer, is separated and removed with the help of alcohol.

After applying laser treatment to correct the refractive error, the epithelial layer is placed back and a special contact lens attached to the eye is usually removed 4 days after surgery. Although results with Lasek technique are similar to Lasik, the recovery period after Lasek takes a little longer. Although it varies from person to person, the feeling of stinging continues in the first 1-2 days after Lasek and vision recovery may take between 4 days and 1 week.


A cataract is that the transparent lens on the back of the pupil loses its transparency to a degree that reduces vision, blurring and preventing clear vision. Cataracts often develop with old age. However, in long-term use of cortisone, the risk of cataracts is higher in diabetics. It can be seen congenitally or it can be seen after eye injuries. Cataracts should be treated when the patient’s vision decreases to a degree that prevents their daily life or profession.


It is a treatment technique named according to the type of lens used in cataract surgeries. It takes its name from the Multifocal Intraocular Lens, which has intraocular lenses that allows both near and far vision. By using this lens, it was possible for the patients to reach high quality in both vision and near vision.

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