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Facelift or facelift surgery is the procedure of removing or removing excess skin of the patient’s loose or sagging skin by a surgical method that the doctor will decide. It is aimed to give the person a younger face after the operation.
Eyelid Aesthetics
Eye contour problems, which appear in many ways, such as bagging on the eyelids, drooping, sagging, wrinkling, streaking, swelling of the eyelids, may make the person more tired and older than they are. Operations to eliminate these problems are eyelid aesthetic operations.

Nose Aesthetics (Rino-plasty)
Permanent shaping means aesthetically changing the shape of the nose. In medical language, rhinoplasty means aesthetic nose surgery. It is the operation of reshaping the nose skeleton and soft tissues to make them harmonious and proportionate to the face.
It is an operation that should be planned especially for the face of the person, shaped by bone, cartilage, soft tissues and skin. In recent years, old methods of excessive cartilage and bone removal have been abandoned and the concept of “structural rhinoplasty” has prevailed. Like all other aesthetic interventions, the surgery of this anatomical area is primarily concerned with plastic surgeons who are trained in aesthetic plastic surgery and Ear Nose and Throat specialists who are trained in nasal surgery. The form of rhinoplasty surgery, which includes the correction of the intranasal symptom, is called Septorinoplasty.

Ear Aesthetics

The prominent ear is the area of aesthetic surgery applied in cases where there is an extra protrusion in front of the ear, shrinkage and compression in the auricle of the ear, that is, “constricted ear” deformity, or absence of the ear. Jaw Tip Aesthetics

A thin small chin affects the face profile negatively. In accordance with the face profile, jaw enlargement applications can be performed, especially considering the nose. It is possible to make upper and lower jaw enlargements with jaw implants. With chin enlargement, it is possible to correct the neck aesthetically. The thin jaw structure can cause the person’s nose to look wider and more protruding forward. It also causes fullness in the neck. On the other hand, the very protruding chin structure causes the nose to be very small.

Face Rejuvenation

In Facial Aesthetic surgery, there are some changes in facial skin, facial muscles and facial bones during the aging process. With the effect of gravity, a sagging and relaxation occurs in the skin and muscle layer of the face and neck. Slimming in the bones with age and especially the skin on the shrinkage of the jaw bone worsens the situation, as it will now be abundant. In addition, the skin ages and small wrinkles on the skin become deep slits. Especially if there are negative factors such as smoking and excessive sun exposure, the signs of aging on the skin become even more pronounced. In people with excessive mimic habit, wrinkles formed by these muscles due to excessive movements of facial muscles deepen and become prominent and permanent even when the muscles are not working, for example, during sleep. Before explaining facial rejuvenation surgeries and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, it is useful to examine the results of facial aging by dividing the face and neck region into three.


Botox is made from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. The muscles that enable us to do facial expressions and movements are attached to the skin above them. It is possible to relax and soften wrinkles by relaxing the superficial muscles attached to the skin. Thanks to the relaxation of the muscles, more wrinkles are prevented. The resulting image is a smoother, peaceful and youthful appearance.


The most widely used procedure for filling facial wrinkles is FILLER treatment. With this volume, the treatment of lips, lines, wrinkles and facial folds is provided. In addition to its quick and easy application, it enables the visible results to be obtained immediately. Produced as a transparent and colorless gel, hyaluronic acid creates integrity by mixing with the skin color when placed on the upper part of the skin.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a process that is done to remove skin from dead cells. It is useful for removing sun spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and controlling the skin’s moisture and oil balance. The upper layers of the skin are peeled with various chemicals, and a new skin layer is formed from the bottom. Peeling affects the structure and color of the skin. It provides a younger and healthier appearance.

Face Oil Injection

In this process known as fat injection or “micro lipoinjection”, fat is taken from the patient’s abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other fat-containing body parts by needle. It is injected under the skin of the face after special processes. Fat is most often between the cheeks, mouth and nose

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