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How about discovering the fun face of the Black Sea, which is admired with its natural beauties, vast springs, lush nature, the most beautiful richness of the geography? You do not have Turkey in the Black Sea rafting paradise: Zip line, cable car, canoe tours, climbing, trekking and much more is waiting for you.

Take the Ordu Boztepe cable car

There is a 2372 meter long cable car in Ordu Boztepe, one of the most beautiful places where you can see the Black Sea from the hill. The cable car, which reaches 509 meters in 7 minutes, allows you to enjoy the view. Ordu-Boztepe Cable Car, which is the two main boarding points, is located in the city center and in Boztepe. Throughout the cable car journey, Ordu center accompanies the Black Sea beaches and the beautiful Boztepe view. We strongly recommend you to watch this visual feast offered by the cable car.

Take a walk in Uzungöl Nature Park

Uzungöl, which is connected to Çaykara district of Trabzon province, fascinates everyone with its steep slopes and impressive nature cover. Trabzon Uzungöl Nature Park is undoubtedly the most attractive place in the region. In the early hours of the morning, with the sunrise, it is a great place to take a walk by deep breathing in the silence of the lake. You can also immortalize the moment and accumulate beautiful memories by taking postcard landscape photos at sunset time

Rafting in Rize

Many local and foreign tourists come to the Eastern Black Sea for rafting, the most popular activity of this region. The Firtina Stream, which flows into the Black Sea, which is very suitable for rafting, is exactly 57 km long. If you are a nature lover and love to participate in
different activities, you can go to Firtina Creek in Rize and have a safe and extraordinary experience with the daily professional rafting team. It is possible to do rafting with your own group of friends, where you will experience the action and excitement at the peaks.

Discover the Trekking routes of the Black Sea

Due to the geographical location of the Black Sea, trekking routes are many in number. By nature you can find peace nested in the Black Sea Trekking Turkey’s oxygen tank. The places where trekking in the Black Sea is generally high in altitude. So you can feel as if you are walking on the clouds. Trekking, which is an activity that you can do in crowded groups or on your own, is one of the most beautiful activities in the Black Sea. There are break times during the walk, and camps are set up for accommodation by stopping at a certain point during each break. If you are someone who keeps up with the team spirit, we now recommend that you write your name on one of the trekking groups.

Climb on Kaçkar Mountain


The Black Sea is one of the most preferred places for mountaineers due to the mountains stretching parallel to the seas. We can say that foreign tourists, as well as domestic tourists, prefer Black Sea for mountaineering and climbing activities. Especially, it is among the most ideal routes for climbing with the Kaçkar Mountain height. In addition, other places preferred by nature and adventure lovers are Doğankaya (Trabzon) and Koçkayası (Giresun), which are beautiful climbing routes.

Participate in highland festivities


There are two main issues in plateauism, the first of which is “to go up to the plateau” and the second is to “go down from the highland”. On the date when the villagers gather and set a partner, you can go up to the plateau collectively, but the descent from the plateau is left to everyone’s own will. Do not forget to adapt to the plateau tradition by playing horon with fiddle, drum and zurna. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant time in the plateau festivals where intimacy, unity and solidarity are reinforced. Fat removal, which is an important highland activity, takes place only some evenings. In an activity called shake shaking, young people standing in front of and behind the shake shake the shake back and forth. With the sound of pistol heard during churning, it means that the cream has become greasy. The most important feature of the plateau festivals is that it symbolizes the love and respect of the people.



Take a canoe ride


You can usually go for a canoe tour in the Black Sea Rafting regions. If you go to one of the places where you can rent a canoe in the region, get training before your canoe tour and comply with the instructions given during the tour, you can make a reliable journey. You can be sure that you will return from the Black Sea with irreplaceable memories.

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