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Trabzon City Guide

B.C. With its history dating back to 2000s, Trabzon is the most important city of the Eastern Black Sea Region in terms of cultural, social and historical accumulation. Located at a point connecting Europe and Asia on the historical Silk Road, the city is a residential area that has witnessed civilizations such as Persia, Byzantine and Rome.

Places to visit

There are many monasteries and churches in Trabzon.

The Sumela Monastery (The Virgin Mary Monastery) is in the Altındere Village of Trabzon. It was built on a rocky slope at a height of 300 m from the valley. The stone church, kitchen, student rooms, guest hall, library and the holy temple are the main components of the Sumela Monastery. The entrance to the monastery is reached by a narrow and rather long staircase. When you go to Trabzon, this dreamlike structure must be seen.

Hagia Sophia Church, used as a museum, was founded between 1238 and 1263. The most magnificent part of the church is where Adam and Eve are depicted. Vazelon Monastery, Saint Anna Church, Yenicuma Mosque, Santa Maria Church, Ortahisar Mosque, Irena Tower, Kaymaklı Monastery and Kizlar Monastery are other historical places you should visit.

Atatürk’s Villa in Soguksu, Cevdet Sunay Museum in Atakoy and Trabzon Museum on Zeytinlik Street are the main museums of the city.

Çalköy Cave, located 5 km south of Düzköy and attracting a lot of visitors, is built 1050 m above sea level.

Uzungöl, near Caykara district, 99 km from Trabzon, is one of the most beautiful natural places of the city. Surrounded by spruce trees, the lake is an artificial dam lake formed when the soil accumulated as a result of a landslide closes the mouth of Haldizen Creek. There are many lakes in Trabzon. Çakır lake, Sera and Balıklı Lake are the other main lakes of the city.

Culture and Entertainment

When it comes to Trabzon culture, the first thing that comes to mind is crafts and folk music. Saddles, baskets of hazelnut branches, castings, Surmene knives, churnes, beasts, belts, socks, filigree, copper making and handmade wooden spoons are the main handicraft products in the city.

Horon and fiddle are the elements that make up Trabzon folk music.

The vegetation of the city is fascinating to you. With its forests, wide variety of plants, natural green covers and wildlife, Trabzon has a rich geography. There are many and different kinds of plants and animals in the city. There are 2500 kinds of plants and 450 kinds of city-specific herbs in the forests of the city. The presence of animals such as wolves, pigs, foxes and birds made it possible to hunt in the city.

Eating and drinking

Trabzon is famous for its anchovy fish. Corn, cabbage, anchovy, beans, potatoes, pita and pickles are the main ingredients of unlimited and rich local cuisine. Akçaabat district is famous for its patties. You should not go here without eating meatballs.

Authentic Meals: Corn wrap, wrapped cabbage with meat, pan fried, anchovy pita bread, chard burma, anchovy rice, brisket, water pastry, pastry dessert, laz pastry, ghoul, roasted pickles, roasted cabbage, slippery, corn soup, nettle soup, meat Corn wrapping, Trabzon kebab, zumur, likeli, muglama and borani are the main examples of urban cuisine.


Kemeraltı and Bakırcılar Bazaars are the main shopping places of Trabzon. You can find many things from local items to handicrafts here. There are many antique shops in the city center.

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