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About the city ;

Located in northeastern Turkey Rize, the country’s most rainfall areas of the city  12 district, there is a population of 348 thousand 776 people. It has the characteristic features of the Black Sea, and its steep sloped valleys, mountains, lakes, plateaus, bridges, castles and streams are a very important tourist resort. The city, which welcomes a large number of tourists in the summer and spring times, increases its potential day by day.

How many days are you visiting?

It can be visited in 3-4 days.

The best time to go ;

Rize, which is quite hot and humid in the summer months, is the best time to visit.

Urban transportation ;

We have private chauffeured vehicles to provide transportation in Rize.

Do not return without doing!

If you go to Rize, do not return without seeing the Pokut and Gito plateaus, rafting in the Firtina Stream and picking tea!

Rize Attractions Map

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